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  • Everyone there was great. The vet obviously cares very much about your experience and your pet!

    Jeff Cook

  • Absolutely wonderful experience. The staff really welcomed my two Labradors. Despite my dogs being a large breed, the exam room was an ideal space for both pets to be in without being crowded. Dr. Baker was very knowledgeable in tending to my Labradors needs. It was such an easy transition from their regular AR. Vet. To this vet. The staff had already received my labs medical records prior to their first appointment here in DuPont. I was very impressed with their professionalism. With my eldest 8 1/2 lab, Ivy, Dr. Baker was able to continue her pain management and add a holistic medicine to help with her organs and pain. He was optimistic and ready to help Ivy continue to have a great quality of life by checking everything that could be checked. Dr. Baker even suggested getting Charles, Ivy's son, checked for his hip and bone health being that his mother has been showing signs of health problems. He is very concerned with each pet that walks through that door. He and the staff treat each pet as family. That is how all animal clinics should be. We should all have the same goal of giving our pets the best life. They do so much for us and are so loyal. This is a superb clinic to take your pets to. You and your pet will be welcomed into this additional family. I am thankful that we found this veterinarian clinic. So are my babies, Ivy & Charles. They were never scared or displayed any distress while they were there getting their exams and follow ups. That is very important and is a tell tell sign by how your pet responds to the environment and staff. My pets loved it. Best of wishes. -They do offer a military discount as well. -Very clean and open facility with spacious exam rooms.

    Jessica Fox

  • 4.8 Google Rating