Patient Forms

Please fill out applicable form(s) below.

New Client Form

    We are frequently asked about the prices of our services. Charges vary based on the type of care needed by your pet. Please ask for specifics when discussing treatment recommendations with your pet’s doctor. While our hospital does not offer in-house payment plans, we do accept all forms of payments. All charges are due at the time of service.

    Other Forms

    Please download and complete the below form(s) that are applicable to your pet’s upcoming appointment. Once complete, please email to [email protected] or print and bring to the appointment.

       Drop-Off Exam

    If you have arranged to drop-off and leave your pet at Dupont Vet Center to allow us to examine during the day, please complete the Drop-Off Examination Form.

      Outpatient Procedure

    If you have arranged to leave your pet at DuPont Vet Center for a brief procedure, please complete the Ultrasound Outpatient Procedure Form. We will call or message you when your pet is ready to be picked up.

      Procedural Sedation

    If your pet has an upcoming procedure that requires sedation, please complete Procedural Sedation Form. Note, veterinarian will perform a physical exam prior to sedating your pet.

     General Surgery

    If your pet has an upcoming general surgery, please complete the Surgical Admission and General Anesthetic Form.


    If your pet has an upcoming dental surgery, please complete the Dental Surgery Admission and General Anesthetic Form.

    For Dental Admission, please complete this form: Dental Admission Form