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Check-in Information

Please follow these instructions.

Welcome to the next step towards normalcy!

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back with no restrictions. We ask that everyone still call to check in. We learned during COVID that checking in prior to your appointment created more efficiency for clients and the team. This will also help determine if the lobby is clear to be able to bring your furry family member through the door safely, now that we are a 5-doctor practice. Even if your furry family member is the best in the world and would never go after another pet, the pet in the lobby might not be as friendly. If you are here for an appointment with the doctor, we also want to make sure we have the exam room available when you come through the door.

We have also found that many of our clients really like curbside services. We will continue to offer curbside services if you would like to do so. Please indicate at the time of check in that you would like to continue to do curbside services.

Doctor Exams
We have a strict 10-minute late policy. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please call us and we can see if we can still continue with the appointment time or if we will have to arrange another time or type of appointment. Many times, we can offer another appointment time that same day if there is one available or a drop off appointment as long as it is not something possibly contagious or a puppy/kitten that is not yet fully vaccinated.

  • We understand that it is necessary to be with your furry family member in the exam room and we want to welcome back multiple people in the room during the exam. We ask that you keep the number to a minimum for efficiency purposes. It is much easier to talk to 1-2 people than 3-5. We also ask that if you have children to please bring things to keep them occupied during the time of the exam. We can provide coloring utensils upon request.
  • If you are exhibiting any flu/COVID like symptoms, we might ask you to return to your car and continue the appointment curbside. We ask that if you are sick or still exhibiting any symptoms of sickness that you remain curbside.
  • Masks are optional – If you choose to wear a mask good for you, if you choose to not wear a mask good for you. They are optional here, if you see a team member with a mask on, they are taking the necessary precautions they feel comfortable with. These team members do this out of their own preference due to medical conditions, take care of elderly, having young children, etc. Respect is key.

Puppy Exams
Please understand that if your puppy is exhibiting any symptoms of parvovirus (any of the following: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Lethargy, Not eating or drinking) and they are not FULLY vaccinated then we will require a parvo test to be done onsite prior to the appointment. This is to protect all of the other furry family members that are coming in. Due to the prevalence of Parvovirus in the Puget Sound area we want to keep this from spreading and unfortunately is more common here than other places across the USA.

Tech Appointments
Tech appointments are with one of the technicians that we have here. This is not an appointment with a Doctor, and if there are any concerns, we may have to schedule a separate examination appointment.

If you are here for Surgery check in. Please note that the phones will be off. If the door is locked, a team member will be at reception to let you in. You will receive pre-surgical instructions to the email on file 48 hours prior to the surgery day. If you did not, please check your junk mail in your email. If it is not there as well. Please contact us for pre-surgical instructions, at that time we will need to update your information so you are receiving our messages.

No Show Policy
If you No Show to your appointment 3 times. You will be required to make a deposit for the next exam scheduled. We have this because the field is in such high demand right now that many clinics are not taking new clients or patients. We are one of the few that are. We ask that you respect our time along with everyone else that needs to get their furry family members in as well.

Rescheduling or Canceling appointments
Life Happens, if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment we understand. Please give us a call and we will try to accommodate the next available date. We ask that you inform us as soon as you can when you need to cancel or reschedule so we can get another pet in that needs help. Due to the industry sometimes, those appointments might not be for another couple weeks, please be patient as we try to do the best we can.